Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Toon V Liverpool: Round-Up

A Football Related 'Would You Rather?'

I asked a mackem once if he would rather Sunderland qualified for Europe or the Toon got relegated, and to my surprise he said he'd rather we got relegated.  I totally can't relate to that way of thinking because surely the success of your own team has to come first.

What sort of ambition does it show if you're so obsessed with your rivals that their failure means more to you than the success of your own team?  Yes, it's amusing when the mackems get beat, but misery for Sunderland can never be more than an entertaining side dish compared to the joy of a Toon victory.

So before the Villa/mackem match last night my priorities were all about Toon survival.  I was therefore (admittedly against my natural instincts) favouring a Sunderland win as I figured this would cement our chances of finishing above Villa, and as I say, our survival has to be the priority.

However, once I saw the 6-1 result I have to admit my natural emotions took over and I couldn't help laughing.  Football is an emotional sport and as a fan sometimes logic goes out of the window, so even though Villa's victory could potentially be a bad thing for us, I nevertheless found myself thoroughly enjoying the moment.

Besides, the result last night brought a reminder that the mackems aren't out of it yet either, so it remains to be seen whether Villa's victory will categorically prove to be a bad result for The Toon.  There are a lot of ifs and buts still to go before the end of the season so if Villa's 6-1 trouncing of the mackems leads to a mackem slump, and we can get some points in our final three games, then last night's result could ultimately prove to be beneficial.

That said, although our relegation odds have now narrowed to 13/2, the bookies currently make Wigan the 4/11 favourites for the drop.  Wigan have only picked up two points from their last four games and their run in means they still have to go to Arsenal and then face Villa on the final day of the season.  Hopefully then, Roberto Martinez's optimism is misplaced, but when it comes down to it I don't really care who goes down as long as it's not us.


The Liverpool match was one to quickly forget so I'll just simply confirm that not surprisingly (given the result) my Toon tips made a complete loss this week.  My general football tips didn't do a great deal better...

Wigan V Tottenham - Match Result: 
25 points on Tottenham at 2.0 - LOSS

Arsenal V Man United - Match Result:
15 points on Man United at 3.25 - LOSS

Southampton V West Brom - Half Time Result:
25 points on Southampton at 2.38 - LOSS

Leicester V Watford - Match Result:
15 points on Watford at 3.75 - WIN 56 points

Middlesboro V Charlton - Match Result:
20 points on Charlton at 3.1 - LOSS

Making an overall return of 56 points and therefore an overall loss of 44 points.

As things stand, my general football tips have a clear advantage in the head to head totals:
Newcastle tips - 13.5
General football tips - 17.5

. . . . . . . .

Our last two home games have been two of our most disappointing results and performances for a very long time, and what makes it all the more demoralising is that if we'd won both those matches we would now currently be lying 9th in the league above the likes of Swansea and West Ham.  It just shows how tight it is this year and makes it all the more frustrating that just when we need a big result the most our form seems to desert us.

Anyway, when things are going well then if you can make a bit of money out of a Toon win then great, but at this stage of the season all that matters is survival.  I'm therefore going to forget about looking for potentially appealing Toon bets for the remainder of the season.  I'll still post the odds for the most interesting Toon betting markets, but for the final few weeks I'll just stick to making general football tips.

Footnote:  A small bet can make the match more exciting but gambling can be a risky business so never bet more than you can afford to lose.  The safest way to bet is with a free bet, so if you'd like the chance to claim a totally free £10 bet then sign up to SkyBet today using the banner link below:

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All odds were correct at the time of publication but are subject to change.

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