Thursday, 20 September 2012

Europa League 20/09/12: Maritimo V Newcastle United

My Tips For Maritimo V The Toon

Please note, this blog is just a bit of fun to test myself and also to test the theory that you should never let your heart rule your head.  It's simply for my own benefit to keep a record of how well my predictions do, and not intended as advice to be taken by anyone else.  If other football fans want to view my tips out of curiosity then that's fine, but I'm in no way proclaiming myself to be an amazing football expert.

Anyway, throughout the season I'm going to make a few tips on Newcastle games and also a few tips on other games and see which set of tips perform best.  In theory as a Newcastle fan I should know more about our current form, etc, and therefore my tips on Newcastle should theoretically outperform my tips on football in general.  However, it's hard sometimes as a football fan to remain objective and not let your heart rule your head so that's what I plan to test with this blog.

Anyway, I'm going to give myself 100 points (in both categories) and place a few hypothetical bets using the odds available from and see how I do.

Half Time/Full Time: 
10 points on Maritimo-Draw at 17.0
So far this season our performance has looked encouraging whenever we've attacked and got forward but unfortunately too many times we seem to start too negatively and it's not until we go behind that we really start having a go and come back into the game.  For that reason I'm going to go for a small 10 point bet on Maritimo to be winning at half time and for us to come back and equalise in the second half.

Half With Most Goals:
30 points on 2nd Half at 2.1
For similar reasons I'm going to have a 30 point bet in their being more goals in the second half based on the prediction that we may be more attacking as the game progresses and therefore the second half may be more open.

Full Time Result:
30 points on Draw at 3.3 

Asian Handicap:
30 points on Newcastle +0.25 at 2.02

And to see how my predictions compare, here are a few tips on some of the other games being played tonight:

Bordeaux V Club Brugge - Asian Handicap:
40 points on Club Brugge +0.75 at 1.95

FC Copenhagen V Molde - Asian Handicap:
30 points on Molde +0.75 at 2.02

Genk V Videoton FC - Asian Handicap:
30 points on Videoton FC +0.75 at 2.02

Disclaimer:  A small bet can make a football match more exciting but the unpredicatability of the sport mean that having a large bet is just stupid.  Gambling can be a risky business so never bet more than you can afford to lose.  The safest way to bet is with points rather than pounds, so if you'd like the chance to gamble risk-free with points for the chance to win cash prizes then a website worth visiting is  It's free to sign up and they offer cash prizes for the most successful punters in various sporting categories.  If you'd like to check it out then click on the link below:
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